USS-Enterprise (Star Trek 1 to 3 and Star Trek 11(2009) )Edit

Motion picture enterprise

Motion Picture Enterprise Redesign

Prime Timeline EnterpriseEdit

After many years since the original series ended, Paramount decided to reboot the franchise with a motion picture. The USS-Enterprise was redesigned by Matt Jefferies, who originally had designed the original Enterprise from the TV show. Minor changes were made to the ship's exterior (most notably the impulse engines, warp nacelles, running lights, and hull markings). More substantial changes were made to the interior color scheme and layout of the ship.

Alternate Reality EnterpriseEdit

2009 enterprise

First ever Space shot of Alternate Reality Enterprise

The USS Enterprise was designed by Ryan Church. On the Starships Blu-ray featurette it is acknowledged the ship has elements of both versions of the Constitution-class, and was also inspired by the sleekness of a hot rod car. The film's bridge, upper corridors and turbolift, transporter room and sickbay were built as sets in Paramount Pictures, while the more industrial looking parts of the ship were filmed at a Budweiser brewery. According to production designerScott Chambliss and others on the film's Blu-ray and Star Trek - The Art of the Film, the ship's white upper levels were inspired by Pierre Cardin's architecture. The filmmakers resorted to using a plant for engineering because they lacked money.