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Temporal vortex.jpg
The Enterprise-E entering a temporal vortex in Star Trek 8: First Contact


Time Travel

Time travel is a plot device used in 4 movies in the Star Trek franchise. Specifically, Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home, Star Trek 7: Generations, Star Trek 8: First Contact and Star Trek (2009). This plot device is often used to change a cause-effect ripple created by a villain. Often in most cases, it serves to expose the characters to intolerable environment which seems alien to them. This usually creates character-effects that usually are not native to the character. This plot device is said to be an "excuse" by Star Trek writers to change character personae.

How it Works[]

Unintended Consequences[]

Early use of Time Travel in the Star Trek Franchise[]

The Naked Time[]

The City on The Edge of Forever[]

Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home[]

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