Khan Noonien Singh
As Appears from the Star Trek Original Series episode "Space Speed".


-Seeking Power and/or control of humanity

-Seeking Revenge for the death of his wife. He Blames Captain Kirk for her death.

Early Life of Khan Noonien SinghEdit

Rise to Power and Power Fall (1990's)Edit

First Confrontation with Captain James T. Kirk (TOS EPISODE: "Space Seed")Edit

Khan was originally in cryogenic sleep with his fellow soldiers, while on the Botany Bay vessel. This vessel was lost in space and it was drifting, until the USS-Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk discovered the ship and revived Khan. It was later discovered by Captain Kirk that he was part of the eugenics war from earths past and that he tried to seize power/control of Earth, until he was arrested. Captain Kirk imprisons Khan, but Khan gains control of the Enterprise. After a fierce battle, Captain Kirk regains control of the ship and maroons Khan and his fellow soldiers on Ceti-Alpha 5 planet in the Mutara System.

Second Confrontation with Captain James T. Kirk (TOS MOVIE: "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan")Edit